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FortSOAR v6.4.3

For those who haven't explored yet, our newest FortiSOAR v6.4.3 was released earlier this month, and it includes many exciting features (my favorite EWL aka Extensible Widget Library is now GA, with a lots more flexibility and ease). Some highlights:

  • Further development on CI/CD in SOAR: come to think of it, SOAR is still a programming paradigm, and required continuous development, so why wouldn't you do a full pipeline of automated promotion of staging to production .. This is the feature you want to explore for serious and mature development environments
  • Deeper monitoring: catering to the enterprise environment who cares about every tiny bit of the system's health to ensure its availability and performance, FortiSOAR introduce a lot of granular and detailed monitoring of system (including cluster)
  • Playbook prioritization: When dealing with a high amount of playbook executions (think 200K+ playbook in a day), you ought to hit a need for prioritization. For instance, a playbook meant to mitigate could be of higher priority than notifying about case assignment.. and that's when you need the power to choose what's more important and must be processed on priority .. oh BTW, you should check out our horizontal scaling capabilities (just keep adding nodes to do active/active clustering)
and lots more, do take a moment to review the Release Notes

Reply to this thread with your creative ideas, what would you like to see in the product?

Abhishek Narula
CTO, SOAR Division | VP Product Engineering