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Security Fabric Audit and Fabric Score

Security Fabric Audit and Fabric Score
This chapter contains information about the Security Fabric Audit and Fabric Score, which together provide a
method to continually monitor and improve your Security Fabric's configuration.

What is the Security Fabric Audit?
The Security Fabric Audit is a feature on your FortiGate that allows you to analyze your Security Fabric
deployment to identify potential vulnerabilities and highlight best practices that could be used to improve your
network’s overall security and performance.

Why should you run a Security Fabric Audit?
Using the Security Fabric Audit helps you to tune your network’s configuration, deploy new hardware and/or
software, and gain more visibility and control of your network. Also, by checking your Security Fabric Score, which
is determined based on how many checks your network passes/fails during the Audit, you can have confidence
that your network is getting more secure over time.