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New Contributor

Scheduled Report Send Error

Hi all,

I am not receiving scheduled reports to my email. Did anyone experience similar issue?

Appreciate help, suggestions 

Received below error notification.

Error: <174>Feb 18 07:50:07 [PH_REPORT_ACTION_STATUS]:[phCustId]=1,[eventSeverity]=PHL_INFO,[actionTime]=Fri Feb 18 07:50:07 EST 2022,[deliveryId]=2725380113,[phEventCategory]=3,[reportName]=Test Report Name [actionError]=Authentication Failed: Invalid username or password,[procName]=AppServer,[deliveryName]=,[customer]=Global,[actionResult]=Failed,[phLogDetail]=Record report notification action result{nolookups}
New Contributor II

Hi Mebin

Are you able to send mails from the FortiSIEM other than the reports? You may want to have a look at the settings in Admin>Settings>System>Email and send a test mail. Use the same sender in the report settings to avoid mail filter issues.
Then next question: Does the report complete when you run it manually (Click Run in the Top Right Corner)? If both of this things work then I guess you should try again...

New Contributor

Hi simonai,


Yes  FortiSIEM was able to send mails other than reports. While trying a test mail, it was successful. When the report was run manually, events were generated as well as received report but did not received when reports were scheduled.