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SSL-VPN Client - lots of IP addresses assigned under the active connection


We have a fortigate 100D and under the SSL-VPN monitor we are seeing lots of users with lots of IP adresses under the active connection.

I have tried to upgrade the fw from 6.2.3 to 6.2.5 but it is still behaving the same. Is this a normal behaviour or is it a bug or something that has to do with configuration?

BR Nik
New Contributor

Fisnik, I had the same thing happen to my Fortigate 200D a few months ago. It is definitely a firmware issue. I'm currently on FW 6.0.14 and support originally said to downgrade to the previous firmware. Then I was told don't do that. They never came up with a solution and the 200D goes end of life in 2023 so I purchased the 200F which is the latest in that series. You may want to consider the same for your model. I still have this issue on the 200D but will be replacing it soon. No answer, but I hope this helps.

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