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PPPoE addressing mode on an interface in FortiOS 5.6

If you configure the interface to use PPPoE, the FortiGate unit automatically broadcasts a PPPoE request from the interface.

The FortiGate units support many PPPoE RFC features (RFC 2516) including unnumbered IPs, initial discovery timeout and PPPoE Active Discovery Terminate (PADT).

PPPoE is only configurable in the web-based manager on desktop FortiGate units. 1U FortiGates and up must be configured in the CLI using the commands:

config system interface


set mode pppoe

set username

set password

set idle-timeout

set distance

set ipunnumbered

set disc-retry-timeout

set padt-retry-timeout

set lcp-echo-interval

set dns-server-override {enable | disable}


Configure PPPoE on an interface in Network > Interfaces. The table describes the PPPoE status information when PPPoE is configured for an interface.