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How to Authorize more than 10 APs (FAP221E) in Fortigate 61E

Dear All,

Thank you so much for giving me opportunity so ask question to this community.

I am really needing your valuable help in one thing on which I am stuck, I am using Fortigate 61E firewall on which it is not authorizing more than 10 access points. 

I know that tunnel mode has limitation but I am using Bridge mode after that also it is not allowing to authorized AP more than 10, I will have to use total 17 AP in this setup and dont know what to do, if anyone know about it how to resolve this issue I would be so thankful to them.

The authorize option is grayed out after 10 APs, I had tried some CLI command as well but no luck.

Let me know if anything required from myside.

1 Solution

Please have a look at this document which should have your answer:

set wtp-mode remote

Hi Flavien

Thanks for your reply 

We did this what you have suggested but it seems it still recognized as Tunnel

Even if the remote mode was pushed on all by CLI


See screenshot here :


Any other suggestion ?


Hello Deepak,

I just tested with a 6.2.3 firmware on a FortiGate-100F and the amount of managed APs changed.

Which version of firmware are you using on the FortiGate-61E?
I would recommend you to make sure you run the latest version of code and should the issue persist open a case with Fortinet TAC.


You must put each ap into WTP mode "remote". It is a bit confusing.

Hi Alan,

Indeed after putting this CLI command to all AP resolve the issue.

Thank you so much to everyone who helped me in this issue.

I wish you all Good day