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Guide on Configuring Virtual Machines to Use FortiGate


I successfully followed "Fortinet FortiGate Virtual Appliance for Microsoft Azure Quick Start Guide". However, is there a guide on how to configure new Virtual Machines to work with FortiGate? 

I have set my new virtual machine to use the FortiGate Protected VNET. 

I have also assigned it to my Internal SubNet.

I have set the Public IP Address to "None" - the reasoning being traffic should be routed via FortiNet? 

Network Security Group (firewall) "None". 

Any assistance gratefully received. 



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to get a NVA (network virtual appliance) up and running in Azure, it´s all about UDR (user definined routing) Tables.

You don´t need the NSGs in the frontend and backend subnet in the example above, can also route all traffic through the nva.

This post can also help understanding Azure Networking, but it´s more for NVA HA:



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What i forgot to say, you also need to configure the routes to your Subnets on your Fortigate.