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New Contributor

Grey zone and bayesian action

HI there, I am new at fortimail, and I'm trying to configure a filtrer where the action depends on the score as spam. I've seen that heuristic filter acts when an email score is equal or higher to the stablished limit, but what I'am lookinf for is a way to act depending on several score. for instance, If the total score is 1 or less, send the email to end user, when the score is between 1 and 3, tag it as possible spam end send it to end user, inthe case of a score between 3 and 4, send it to personal quarantine and above this, reject it.

Any way to do this?


Another thing is the bayesian filter, we are training it, feeding its database with clean and spam mails. Nowadays, the action is just tagging emails in orden to identify them as clean or spam, but once the filter is ready, the action can't be tagging, must be something like send to user quarantine or reject. The first options, just classifies the spam, which continues being there, as user receives a quarantine report, it will contain a lot rubish. The latter options will dismiss the false-positive ones, which is a problem.  Are there any way to used the trained database in the rest of the filters?

Thanks in advanced


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