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Change WatchGuard XTM25 to FortiGate40C

Hi there,


does anybody has experiences in changing from a WatchGuard XTM 25 to a FortiGate 40 C ? Is there any way to import the configs from the WatchGuard (I have the xml-file from the WatchGuard) to a FortiGate 40C ? With FortiConverter, there is no way to get this managed, but maybe there is a workaround ? 


Thanks in advance,


Alex Bierhaus


FortiConverter would be a tool for this however we currently don’t support WatchGuard. If you could supply a sample configuration, we can look into implementing this conversion. FortiConverter is a SKU item, therefore a license would be required for you to use this application, however you could work with your local SE for a one-off conversion.


Mike Strickland


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