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Basic Question About Making Changes to my Fortigate 60E

Hello everyone,

I need to know how to make changes to the firewall configuration, and being able to rollback if something goes wrong. I am new to this product, please excuse me.

I see that I can save "revisions" and on the other hand I can also make backups. Is it possible to make a change, and then use the revisions to go back to the previous state, or how can I accomplish this?

Thanks for your help.


First, before making any changes take a configuration backup, just in case.

Then, create a revision and make the changes you need . If you need to make changes just rollback to the revision you created.

I hope this answer your questions

Rony Moussa

NSE Certified : Level 8

Rony Moussa
Fortinet NSE Certified: Level 8
Rony MoussaFortinet NSE Certified: Level 8
New Contributor II



I will use the revisions feature then, after backing up.