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Web Filter not working

Good morning,


I am following up on a thread I posted just within a few days ago.  I have a customer that has paid for the Web Filtering.  With the help of this forum, I was able to apply the rule to the traffic to get the policy to work.  However, when I applied the policy to the traffic, it is blocking sites that have a rating according to rules supplied by Fortinet, and is not being blocked. 


For example, we have allowed the business category for banking.  But when we go to, the site is blocked. In fact all the banks in our area are blocked.  We performed the ratings test on them, and they all appear in the correct category, and that category is allowed.  However, they are being block by Fortigate.  Any ideas?





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What firmware version are you using?




I had a similar problem and I create a ticket with support Fortinet,


They recommended me to use "DNS Filter" instead of the "Web Filter", however, I was not convinced by the recommendation and I had to reset the FortiGate and configure it again, that was my experience with the Web Filter,


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Armando Gómez


Thanks Armando Gómez.  I found that I had to apply the policy to the actual connection.  This did create much more headache than expected.  None of the policies worked.  Everything except mail was blocked.  We ended up removing the filter.  I is good to know that you started from scratch at that point yourself.  That is what I have been wondering if we should do or not.  Could be just a fluke, but in any case, starting again will be our best move at this point.


Thank you all for your help.






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