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Web Filter Policy Across different subnet not working

We currently have a 110c using web filtering based on policies linked to active directory. The remote locations which are in different subnets are not being filtered properly. For example, a person with full rights to see all internet content still receives the fortinet banner over pictures on some web pages. Is there a setting or policy change I need to revisit that relates to the other subnet. We are on the 192.168.1 they are on the 192.168.2 network.

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Hi Kalif.


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Some web elements may be pulled from other sources or may have a different category rating that's on the main page; images are a good example.   If you have web filtering enabled, check the settings on "Allow Websites When Ratings Error Occurs" and "Rate URLs by Domain and IP address".  You may need to play around with those two settings (e.g. check "Allow Websites When Ratings Error Occurs" and uncheck "Rate URLs by Domain and IP address", etc.)



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