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Very low firewall throughput on FG200D

Hi there,

According to the image I attached, when the traffic is transferred in two directions between the two server machines 1 and 2 (with the iperf tool), the share of each direction is about 400 Mbps. If the traffic is only one-way between the two servers, the speed will be around 900 Mbps. Since the connection of the servers to the firewall is full-dupex, we expect each direction to be around 900 Mbps during the two-way traffic test, which unfortunately is not the case. Policies are not contained application control , Antivirus or IPS or IDS controls. If you know the problem please tell me.



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same issue with 200D in Fortios 6.0

is that normal behaviour?


it's very weird!

I have the same problem!

because in the datasheet of 200D, they said it should be work as a full-duplex for send and receive

anyone from Fortinet can confirm this problem?

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I have tested another firewall with all-to-all configured policy and the result was the same. Traffic rate shows that it is not full duplex bandwidth. Such a ridiculous!

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There are a couple of things at play here most importantly is:

What ports are being utilized for each servers connection? If you are using two ports that run of the same NPU / chips you could very well be hitting that particular chips limitation.


Another thing to consider is, are the hard drives or servers themselves possible limiting factors?

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I have tested the scenario with same SRVs(See the attached image) on FG200E and the result was better. The share of each direction was about 900Mbps.