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VPN Administrator

Hi Experts,


We are using fortigate 300 series firewall with v5.2.3,build670.


Would like to know, If there is any provision for creating a dedicated "VPN administrator ID" on fortigate devices so that in case of requirement of any VPN creation for users or VPN related troubleshooting, particular team who is having VPN administrator account can able to do so without any help from other team.


If this is possible, Please share details





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Yes and no.

Yes, you can create admin users and restrict their access areas. For instance, you can create an admin who is only capable to maintain the local users' list (be it used for VPN access or something else).

Play around with a newly created admin account to see the options.


No, in a way, as "creating" a VPN pretty much requires full access, as you need to create a phase1, phase2, some address objects and at least one policy.


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dear all,


please suggest