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Traffic between interfaces (traffic pair ?) FortiAnalyzer



I can't find a way to make a report on a FortiAnalyzer that displays traffic between interfaces. I.E traffic from interface "LAN" to "WAN" or "VLANx" to "VLANy".


I'm looking for something similar to what the Fabric View is displaying on Fortigate devices (see attachment).


Has anyone already make a custom report or I am to make new datasets/charts/report ? FortiOS 6.0.5 FortiAnalyzer 6.0.7




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Maybe starting with the dataset "traffic-Interface-Bandwidth-Usage" or "traffic-bandwidth-timeline"?   The chart "Interface Bandwidth Usage" uses one of them and would be a starting point.


Hoping somebody shares a version that's already done as I'd find that useful too.


I have already tried this but I'm not quiet familiar with SQL so it's kind of hard for me. I also found some useful information here: But still, I can't find a way to say in SQL: "I want to see the traffic from this interface to this interface". I will continue to search and let you inform but if someone has already this kind of report it would be much appreciated to share.