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Switching a Physical Interface and a VLAN on a SoftSwitch

Hi everybody, this is my first post. I'm trying to connect a network that is on a phisical port and a vlan that is configured on a SoftSwitch. How can this be made?    i have the following config Fortigate 100E port 16 --> conected to a network SoftSwitch on ports 1-4, with VLAN3   What I need is that devices connected to ports 1-4 can see the network on port16, but i dont want my VLAN1 be accesible from port 16   Thanks in advance
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Simply create a policy SoftSwitch->port 16, then don't create a policy for the opposite direction.


Hey is this also possible between a port (say port2) and a vlan that runs on an aggregate link?


If you are only wanting to allow access then you just build policies for traffic that need to cross interfaces.


If you are wanting to bridge interfaces then you will have to get more creative.


I recommend avoiding Soft switches personally as they are slower.