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SAML 0365 6.4

I followed the guide on MSFT Tutorial: Azure Active Directory single sign-on (SSO) integration with FortiGate SSL VPN | Microsoft... for SAML setup yet when i try to connect I'm getting  "Invalid HTTP request."




i'm also trying to know if you need to do different configurations if you have 2 or more   offices with different IP's that would use MSFT MFA on the FG  for SSL VPN.  


i'm using 6.4 OS  on a FG60E and FG80E 



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Same problem here, after login in the following link should appear in the browser:

http://FQDN:10443/remote/login instead of https://fqdn:10443/remote/saml/login

Does anyone have an idea how to set this up?



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Same problem here.  If I click OK on the Invalid HTTP request error, it does redirect me to https://fqdn/remote/login and then I can login with "single sign on" button, which works but is clunky.  I'm on Fortigate-VM on Azure with OS 6.4.8