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Riskware/Agent blocked website

Riskware/Agent AV is blocking me to access a website that we use, And we own that website since we installed the FortiGate 


Can we bypass or its a real virus threat 

Still we need to access that site 


Word of warning... proceed at your own risk.

If you are sure that it is not infected with anything (and while you wait on Fortiguard to resolve the dispute), then you could add that host in a egress policy (with the host being the destination) minus any security profile that might be causing the block (i.e... web filtering and/or IPS) and move that policy higher to where it processes before your other normal user traffic flow.

We had this happen with a legitimate site our SPED teachers used and while we waited on Fortiguard to update their end and getting the 100% ok from the website end, we added that policy like I mentioned as access to that site was sorely required, but we were willing to assume that risk.