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Reset button for Fortigate 100F - How to use it?

Hi Team,

I can't locate any documentation on using the reset button for the Fortigate 100F. I'm assuming the button on the front is a reset, documentation doesn't show what it is.


Is there anyway I can factory reset this device without logging into it?



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Does it look like a little pin hole on the front where you would stick a paperclip?

Place paper clip in there, hold it there, power unit on...Continue holding for 30+ seconds.


That's what I've always done with those.

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Thank you sir for the super-quick reply!


That indeed does work. Apparently though it doesn't reset the admin password which is what I was hoping it would. In a stroke of luck I happened to have guessed it so my issue is resolved.



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Afaik the admin pwd can only be reset by doing a factory reset (for which one needs to log in). Without the pasword the only way is to wipe to firmware (boot partition) in bootloader and then flash a new Firmware via tftp or (if enabled before) via usb.



"It is a mistake to think you can solve any major problems just with potatoes." - Douglas Adams

-- "It is a mistake to think you can solve any major problems just with potatoes." - Douglas Adams

If there is no new specific documentation available, I would assume the operation of the reset button on any FGT models is the same and hasn't been changed. With an FG50E w/ 6.2.3, when I press the reset button I get below on the console:

"Reset button has been disabled, please press the button during the first 60 seconds after a power-cycle."


Try it with a console connected. You don't have to log in. Just need to keep watching what comes out to the console port.

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I am using v5.6.9 build1673


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