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RIP Routes and Offset-List

Hi, I am wondering if any of you have already tried this. I have 2 gateway on our fortigate which uses RIP. In turn this two link has equal cost path. The challenge is I want to ensure that traffic from network A goes to link 1 and network B goes to link 2. Another thing is internet traffic goes to link 2. I configured access-list to deny network A subnet and set exact-match disable and call it on offset-list to add 3 hop for direction in for link 1. with this iteration, I was hoping that all traffic but network A subnet will use link 2. When I show my routing table, network B uses link 2 and network A uses to link 1 however my *R shows [120/4] via " link 1" which doesn' t seem to be right. I hope someone can explain to me what is the correct way, I am thinking that on my access-list, i may need to set exact-match enable for deny network A and add another rule to allow " any" thanks,
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PBR might be better for this. Just defined the SRCs for networkA and B and steer them down the appropiate WAN and the next-hop gateway.