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OID Lists

Where can we find an OID list for Fortinet devices?

I want to be able to monitor certain things from certain devices but can't find a OID listing.

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Perhaps the MIB was from another version of code and it changed? I would use what works, obviously.

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i want to monitor BGP status but i couldnt find OIDs.

Does anyone knows where can i find OID for routing protocols?



I was just working to get some OIDs myself for routing, sorry it's probably late, but:

At least on my FortiGate 30E the OID for ipRouteTable is:



See attached image, I've highlighted what I used to trigger my Operation's Manager alert. (If NextHop changes - then alert). The OID is . and then you append the IP to the route, for instance for last resort: . - the value shall be the NextHop IP according to the route table.