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Need to convert the sniffer traffic to wireshark

Hi Team, I want to see the captured packet in wireshark. Kindly let me know how the sniffer or debug logs can be open in wireshark. Regards/ Ramesh M

Ramesh M Technical Specialist - CCNA(Security), FCNSP, ACE, ASE, ITIL

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Hi Ramesh, try with the attached tools:

netmin wrote:
Hi Ramesh, try with the attached tools:

The attached tool does not working. So, I made an alternative. It's a simple pythonic script working like a charm.

  Fortigate Dump converter to Wireshark Hexdump

Requires python >= 2.7

How to use

Get some packets from Fortigate

In this case we're getting 1000 packets

printf "diagnose sniffer packet wan1 none 6 1000" | ssh | tee dump_firewall.txt

If you are using vdom

printf "config vdom\nedit root\ndiagnose sniffer packet wan1 none 6 1000" | ssh | tee dump_firewall.txt

Converting packets from Fortigate Dump to Wireshark HexDump

  • Open Wireshark
  • Click File
  • Click Import from Hex Dump...
  • Click Browse
  • Choose the file dump_firewall.txt and click Open
  • Click Import[/ol]
  • emnoc
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    FWIW if your fortgate device has the ability for packet capturing in the WebGUI, just download the pacp. Their' s no need to convert anything and the file format is that of a pcap format MacBook13:~ kfelix$ cd Downloads/ MacBook13:Downloads kfelix$ ls sniffer_1.pcap sniffer_1.pcap MacBook13:Downloads kfelix$ file sniffer_1.pcap sniffer_1.pcap: tcpdump capture file (little-endian) - version 2.4 (Linux " cooked" , capture length 1600) MacBook13:Downloads kfelix$