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Meru 3200 controller and bridging question

Can anyone help regarding how bridging works on a meru controller configuration. Bridging would be used on a remote site where a local controller is not present, but there is a local gateway present for which you would like your wireless guests to use. But I would like to know if you can apply bridging in a Meru controller where both the Meru controller and local gateway is present - or whether that is not best practice.






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Yes, the Meru 3200 controllers (and all Meru / Fortinet Wirleess LAN controllers for that matter), can locally bridge Wireless clients.


On the Meru/Controller platform you'll need edit the ESS profile (where the SSID is set) and set the dataplane mode from tunnelled (default) to Bridge.


Typically you will be bridding traffic to a local VLAN, so you will need to likely need to set the VLAN Policy to 'static VLAN only' and specify the VLAN tag ID.


With this configuration the Access Point will bridge Wireless clients that connect to the ESS profile straight to the local switch where the AP is connected, therefore you will need to ensure that the switch's ports are configured (tagged) for the VLAN you're bridging to.


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