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MR4 patch1 (build 475) has been released

.. available for PD on ftp. waiting for customers to perform the QA tests.. ;) regards, Andreas
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i' ll stick to build 405 which is only bug fixes for MR3, i dont this new build 474, good luck ya' ll
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I second that, but with build 403!

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The only major 474 issue I' ve had at any site is with WindowsUpdates. The 475 build fixes this, so I' m going to run with it as I can. I' ll let you know if I have issues.
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T minus 5 hours: successful use of 475. We are happy with this build.


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T minus 5 hours: successful use of 475.
Shouldn' t that be T plus 5 hours? ...unless you know it' s going to blow up on you in five hours. :)
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You are correct, 5 hours in production count down. BTW:
Dear customer, The actual patch in build 475: 1) Windows update takes a very long time to complete. 2) FG3600A allows some sessions to slip through a deny policy on some ports 3) 300-2695 online help update 4) IPS: Enable user to modify IPS rule severity for MR4 5) Simplify GUI for Server Load Balance 6) Implement traffic account per policy Regards Fortinet TAC Support


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FGT400-3.00-FW-build475-070111 (mr4)
What gets me is the date of this version - 070111. That means they have had this version for one week today before releasing it. I know there needs to be some testing, but being the main fix is just the WindowsUpdate bug it shouldn' t have taken this long when the issue is this high profile.
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" shock horror" . Could this mean they actually do some testing? For what its worth: I had huge problems with 403 and 405 dropping sessions when AV was enabled. (dropped 1 in 3 sessions). Very annoying. Running 318 (without Content filtering as this is an issue). Hope to go to 475 in the near future as i had the same problem with Windows update in 474 (plus Reporting Services and others). I agree with the suggestion for RSS feeds for release, but i also hope they might make two branches of releases (stable + hotfixes). In my opinion who care' s about new feature (Topology graphs) when there are serious stability issues out there??? Should we create a " petition" for " no new features..stability now" . " no new features..stability now" . " no new features..stability now" . I' ll draw up the placards. ;-) Andrew
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We' ve noticed problems with logging on the b474 as well. Only on our upgraded boxes thought, the clean build seems to work fine.
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