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Logs from FortiCloud not displaying in web FortiView screens?

Fortigate newbie here... we recently installed a 200e firewall.  Currently running v6.0.5 build0268 (GA).  I had to downgrade to this version from a more current version, because my older Win 7 PCs would get a BSOD when trying to browse the internet via Chrome.  That's not happening on this older build, so I'm leaving it in place until I can get Windows 10 rolled out to the rest of the fleet this year.


I have remote logging to Forticloud enabled (using the 7-day logging), connectivity works, and I can log into FortiCloud on the web and see the historical log info fine.  However, in the firewall's web interface, if I try to go to either FortiView Applications, Threats, or Sites, I get nothing.  Well, correction, under FortiView Applications, I can see data if I change the time frame to NOW.  It I try to make view any longer period than that, I get nothing.  


Under Log Settings, it's set to Local Log "Memory" and also Send Logs to Forticloud "enabled" -- uploading every 5 minutes.


On our IPv4 Virtual Wire Pair Policy, logging is set to UTM on both the WAN to LAN and LAN to WAN ports.


Any thoughts on what I'm not doing correctly?