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Is it possible to use two different HTTPS server certificates for two Fortigate's in HA?

Hi, I have two Fortigate's in HA, with reserved management interfaces and HTTPS enabled on each.

set-ha-mgmt-status enable

set ha-mgmt-interface "mgmt"

set ha-mgmt-interface gateway

These options are set and I am able to reach the mgmt interface of each Fortigate (mgmt interface not sharing the same IP address, each firewall in the HA pair has a different IP for its mgmt interface).

Is it possible to configure separate HTTPS server certs for these interfaces? When I select the certificate to use on the primary firewall, the secondary firewall also uses it. When I select an admin server certificate on the secondary firewall, the primary firewall switches to use that one.


config system global set admin-server-cert certname


Is there an alternate way to select the certificate used on the secondary firewall?