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IPsec VPN bind user to IP

Is it possible to bind users to a specific IP with IPsec VPN?

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Please see this KB article which would be helpful

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You seem to be a friend of few words. Could you please elaborate on your question. Is this about address assignment of IPsec VPN clients? FortiClient or AnyConnect, that is, mode config or not?

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Yes, I have a IP-Pool which are given to IPsec VPN Clients. I want to achieve to assign unique IP adresses to Fortigate VPN-Users or VPN-Clients if possible. "User1" always gets etc. I'm using the Fortigate VPN Client.


PS: Doesn't know Cisco AnyConnect works at all with Fortigate?!? The Client doesn't have enough options to configure.



Please see this KB article which would be helpful


Hi. Wont work for me :o


Have the following Interfaces in my VPN vdom:

+Port1 (VPN Ingress) type:physical IP

-+ IPsec_VPN created by Wizard type:VPN_Tunnel


+Port2 (VPN Egress) type:physical

-+VLAN100 (in which VPN Target Network is) type:VLAN IP


I've now configured the DHCP on VLAN100, because I only can configure a DHCP Server on a Interface which has an IP in the Subnet of the DHCP Range (


If I chose in FortiClient IPsecDHCP, The Phase2 seemes to work, but the connection doesnt come up. Because I guess no IP will be assigned.


Deactivating "Mode Config" in the VPN Settings will work again, but without DHCP.


Hello, Doing exactly instructions from this tutorial  I was not able to successfully create a VPN tunnel. Phase 2 error.


The CLI instructions shown in the tutorial: "set dhcp-ipsec enable HIGHLIGHT" returns me an error. The modified entry: "set dhcp ipsec-enable" is probably insufficient.

Is the DHCP on IPsec requires a Policy-based VPN?

In the documentation I see: "DHCP-IPsec - [...] Select this option if the FortiGate unit assigns VIP addresses to FortiClient dialup clients through a DHCP server or relay. This option is available only if the Remote Gateway in the Phase 1 configuration is set to Dialup User and it works only on policy-based VPNs."


Can I set DHCP on Dialup IPsec using only a Route-based VPN?