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I cannot visit my own website....

I work for Terribles, and is our own website...


Yet Fortinet blocks it as gaming site and won't let me access it - I submitted a ticket to have it reclassified - did nothing still blocked as gaming.


How can I contact fortinet and have this site not blocked?


By default, Fortigate's webfilter has the Games category set to Allowed by default. 

Web filter lookup performed here: has been categorised under the Games profile since January 2020. I have tested it on my end and found that the website is accessible with the default webfilter configuration, no problem. Ensure your Fortiguard license is valid and up to date.


Can you please attach the error message you're getting?


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Here's my issue, games are blocked by IT (cannot have people playing games and not working) I just found this out.  So they will NOT allow games.  So how can I get fortinet to recategorize this page/website so it is not a games category and I can access it.  




Fortigate does not block Games category by default which includes this website. The screenshot you attached is Warning notification and not a Block notification. This is configured by your network or firewall admin

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Fortinet will not change your site's category unless you change the content of you site.


In your case your FortiGate admin just have to use Web Rating Override, so it allows your site and keeps denying other gaming sites.. I think that is what you are looking for.

Otherwise I also think you should try click "Proceed" on the above Warning page and you should be redirected to your gaming site, since it looks like you FortiGate admin has only set it to Warning, not definitely denied.


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In your case, the FortiGate administrator can use the Web Rating Override feature to allow access to a specific site while blocking other gaming sites. I assume this is the solution you are looking for. Alternatively, you could try clicking the "Continue" button on the warning page you mentioned. By the way there are Canadian low deposit casinos in which the sound is absolutely not important, here is a list on which games should go This action should redirect you to your gaming site, as it appears that the FortiGate administrator has configured it to only display a warning, not a complete denial of access.

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@allowea I don't think a Web Rating Override alone will do the trick. It is not the webfilter which is "blocking" the page, it is the IPS. IPS knows no whitelisting by fqdn. 

The only way here would be to either have your admin create a new policy for this website that has an IPS profile that allows access to the site without the warning page or do a rating override to some cathegory you have set to be reputable sites in SSL Inspection. This would mean the site would no longer go through ssl inspection and that would also put IPS out of effect. HOwever I would - for security reasons - not at all recomment this!


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