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How to setup FortiClient VPN for ios with QR code



I want to setup iOS SSL-VPN with QR code.

Of course, I know QR code deployment by EMS/Forticlient Cloud.

QR code format for fortitelemetry

fortitelemetry://<EMS hostname or IP address>:<port number> 


I want to know about FortiClient VPN for iOS (Standalone client)

There is QR code scanner.(Scan QR code to add VPN)

But I can't find information about data format for SSL-VPN profile.


If anyone knows please let me know.

Thanks. [image][/image]

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i was looking for the same topic.


You can select and edit a user in Fortigate under Users & Authentication / User Definitions and send a QR code there using the Send SSL-VPN Configuration function.


Or you can create an individual QR code with the following syntax:



(Edit: host= your bublic ip, name= Connectionname on Device, port= ssl port on fortigate)



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In your QR code syntax do you know what the key is for enabling SSO?

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While working with we worked out that SSO=true would be the right option. However this does not work. openai informed me that FortiClient VPN is not supported for iOS by Fortinet. So we would need Fortinet to add this functionality if we want it to work. Right now I am using the QR code but then having users go back in manually to enable the SSO option.