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Functionality of physical ports

Hi everyone,

     I am a bit new to Fortinet, and I am stuck with a situation where I need some help or at least some ideeas.

     I am using a Fortigate 600 as a firewall for a client. It is separeted into 3 different zones :one interface type - it is connection with 3rd party client on Port 8, one softawre siwtch on ports 1, 2 and 3 for switching a vlan; and for the second vlan there is also a sftware switch with ports 4,5,6,7. Somehow, because it wasn't really considered correctly at the beggining, 2 more ports need to be aded the Software switch containing 4,5,6,7. Because of psyhical contraints, no other port availeble, I use FSP convertors. And I tried several option 1 - ports 9 and 10; 2 ports 11 and 12; 3 ports X1 and X2.

   The SFP ports were not connectiong on any of those test. They are still greyd out in the GUI. 

   Is this because theose are muttualy exclusive samehow? Or I am missing some communication? 

    I can only state that on the command: " get system interface transceiver" the Fortigate was informing me on what ports I can see the SFP convertor. But that was all. 

    Any ideea would be much appreciated.

     Thank you.

Alex D
Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello Alex,


Thank you for using the Community Forum.

I will seek to get you an answer or help. We will reply to this thread with an update as soon as possible.



Anthony-Fortinet Community Team.

I looked into the documents, If I understand correctly, RJ45 ports and SFP ports are mutually exclusive. Not good for my project.

Do I need to write any command to activate the SFP communication? For instance, to get NTP server I can only do it via CMD. Is it the same with SFPs? 

Alex D
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Hello @alexdragosd,

Thank you for using the Community. Additional information might help:

- What is the version running on FortiGate?

- What is the 'netdev status' under 'Link Status' when you execute the command: get hardware nice portX?


If a converter is connected to the FortiGate, it could be because the interfaces could have a different supported speed. 



I will try to get the answer to this one, it will take a few days, as I am not on site, and remote connection is not applicable. For now I only got the command "get system interface transceiver" and I see the 2 convertors see photo below:image_2022-06-21_162444033.png

I will also try to find out what speed those SFP Convertors have. 



Alex D