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Fortimail Cloud Questions

Hello Fortinet community

I have a couple of questions regarding FortiMail Cloud.

  1.  How does the Fortimail Cloud (gateway mode) count the mailboxes?
  2.  Is there any way to limit those mailboxes that Fortimail Cloud detects?


a customer purchased approx. 120 licenses (mailboxes) of Fortimail Cloud, but now we realize that this number of licenses is exceeded, and we don't really know what problems it may cause.

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Hi Rulo

How many mailboxes do you actually have?

In case you have less then 120 then you should first contact support.

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This leads me to a related question.  I have quite a few (30+) email addresses I provide to external sites, many of which go to 2 actual mailboxes on my mail server.  The 'user aliases' feature on fortimail seems to be exactly what I want, but the reseller seems to be saying that the mailbox licensing count does not refer to the actual mailboxes, but any addresses (he didn't quite say that, so I'm trying to get a clarification).  To be clearer: if I have, and =>, does that consume 3 licenses or 1?  The actual number of mailboxes I'm servicing is fairly small (6 or so).  I understand in that case, I'd need to license the minimum 25, but if I have to license 30+ (aliases), plus the 6 or so real addresses, that's problematic.

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I think the answer is: actual mailbox count.  Confirmed from the reseller and another forum.