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Fortigate 30D | Create IP Interface and vLAN

Hi !,

I'm a french student and I buy a Fortigate 30D (without license) and updated it in 6.0.4,

Everything works but I do not have the ability to create IP interface and vLAN in GUI, in CLI it's OK.

If I quickly click on "Network\Interface" in a split seconde I see "New Interface" but it disappears to be replaced by "Create New SSID"


It's normaly ?





Je suis un étudiant Français et j'ai acheté un fortigate 30D et je l'ai mis à jour en 6.0.4.

Tout fonctionne mais je n'ai pas la possibilité de créer des interfaces IP et des vLAN en GUI, en CLI ça fonctionne.

Si je clique rapidement sur "Network\Interfaces" en une fraction de seconde j'aperçois "New interface" mais il disparait pour être remplacé par "Create New SSID"


Est-ce normal ?



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Yes, this is standard behavior for the 30D.  For this platform it is necessary to create VLAN interfaces in the CLI.  You will first need to break apart the default internal switch, as discussed on this forum thread:





For the Fortigate 30D so it is impossible to create a VLAN with GUI, it's correcte ?




That is correct.


It's really bad, stupid... 


I have an other question, If I buy a FortiAP 220B with FortiOS 5.2 he is compatible with my fortigate 30D which is in 6.0.4 release ?




I am not familiar with FortiAPs.   I would recommend starting a different thread for that.


There is a *lot* than can be done only in the CLI, which I think is a testament to how powerful FortiOS is.  The GUI is quite powerful, but functionality is necessarily reduced, especially on smaller platforms where those things wouldn't normally be done.  The 30D is slow enough as it is, without overloading the my opinion.


I understand, it does not matter, I allow me to learn CLI,  thank you 


I open the new thread.