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Fortigate 1500D v6.x


Except the four row configuration examples, there is no more detailed information about VRFs.

We have a Fortigate 1500D with v6.0.1 build0131 (GA). We would like to use VRF functionality in a single VDOM in order to allow communication between overlapping networks.

So far we were able to config VRF ID under the interface statement

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you asked the same about a year ago right? no replies back then, i would advise you to contact your Fortinet sales about this. better chance on an answer from that side.


also if you still running 6.0.1 you might want to consider upgrading to something later in 6.0 like 6.0.8.

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I'd rather not contact Sales about this but guy who really know stuff - Support. Open a ticket and ask for tech support. It's free if you own a contract.


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yeah, was doubting a little, earlier question was asking about VRF support in the future, this one remains more about how to implement, so support it is.

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VRF support has been available and works. You need to define the vrf in your ospf routing process along with the the  vrf<ID> that you set per interfaces. Once you do that your  get router info routing will show routes for the main vrf and the defined vrf.


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