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Forticloud EMS trial license request

Can anybody advise the mechanism for obtaining a Forticloud EMS trial license.  When trying to obtain the license in the support portal, I'm advised that the account does not qualify for a trial license. See below:

Screenshot 2022-05-06 at 13.53.18.jpg

I have tried to obtain a license using 3 different Forticloud accounts, one with on-premise EMS. All accounts receive the same response.

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Sorry, can't comment on specific message you attached, but what I did to get the trial license for EMS was to:


  1. Install EMs on Windows without any license
  2. On first login clocked on the Licenses menu and it asked if I want to get trial license, it then asked me just my (free/non-paying) Forticloud account and did issuing and activation on its own - I did not need to even log in into Forticloud website to download anything.

have you looked on how to do it here ?

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I'm trying to set up the free trial for FortiEMS. I've installed FortiClient Endpoint Management Server and when I try to log into my Fortinet account where my Switches, FortiGate, and FortiAnalyzer trial licenses are, I get "Login failed. Please try again." is there some other credentials I'm supposed to be using for the FortiEMS trial?