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Email & HTTP logging

after i' ve migrated from 80C to 100D, i can no longer log the email & http traffic. in the policy (for FTP and HTTP), I' ve specifically indicate " Log all sessions" . but under Log & report, i cannot see what are the email & web traffic going pass the firewall. I used to be able to see From, To & subject headers of the email.. Pls help.
FG 100D / 60C FAZ 100C
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Hi, you probably need to set extended-utm-log. I always set the UTM profiles for customer at the beginning to see what is working and what not. For example for Email filter: # config spamfilter profile # edit EF1_proxy # set extended-utm-log enable # config smtp # set log enable # end # end -- the same for pop3, imap etc. If you do not have SSL inspection, the encrypted email communication will not be logged. I also set a webfilter profile for monitoring in the GUI and enable extended-utm-log in CLI. Also enable log-all-urls under the profile.