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Download speed limited to 10MBit on FortiGate 30E



After an upgrade of the internetspeed by the ISP from 100 to 200 Mbps up/down, multiple speedtests (Ookla, KPN glasfiber etc) show a download speed op 10MBit after the FG. Before the FG, the speed is correct.


There are no Traffic Shapers used except for 1 on VPN connections (2 Mbps). Also no load balancing settings are done..

The WAN interface shows a 1000 Full Duplex in it's configuration.

Firmware version is: v5.4.1,build1064 (GA)


Since I'm new to FG firewallls, can anyone point me in the right direction on how to solve this?


Thanks in advance!


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I'm seeing the same thing on my Fortigate 50e device. It started to perform really poorly after a aprticular upgrade. I'm getting only about 20/20 mbps on a single session and maybe 30/30 on multiple sessipns if running iperf3 -P 10 for example. 


I'm womdering if Fortinet slows this on purpose?