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Blocking whit FQDN

Hello all,

I blocked & whi an FQDN rule. the probleme is that FGT block also and who have the same IP adresse as googlevideo !!

i  need to know why FG blocked and what can i do o block only google video ?


Thank you for your answers.


Google uses too many IPs for FQDN to work accurately and it serves multiple sites from the same servers as well. It may be best to use category or URL filter alongside certificate based SSL inspection.


Thank you for the answer...

In my case i dont think its possible, cause i have multiple FGT and a lot of URL filters each one whit different URLs.

adding the URLs of google video in each URL filter is not practical.

i tested it and it blocking all other web-sites

in attached the used rule

the destination BLACK-LISTED contain the FQDN : and

king regards