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60F vs 61F



I have just purchased a used 60D that I registered.  I see that it is like Windows Vista, so I'm going to upgrade to 60F or 61F.  What benefit is the 61F over a 60F?  i can afford both, but I don't know why I would want the extra storage?


Thank you

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The 60F might be easier to get , I have both but use the 60F at home.The extra cost of disk storage was not a requirement nor was it worth the extra dollars. Btw these 2 model are exactly the same outside of internal storage.


Ken Felix




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I figured it out .. Greater log space ...


There are a lot of features that require a hard drive. Plus log retention. See below.


Benefits of Local Storage (FortiGate)

  • Local Logging & Reporting
  • FAZ logging with 'store-and-upload' (if FAZ if unreachable)
  • Configuration Revisions
  • Learning mode for firewall policies
  • Antivirus Quarantine
  • Explicit Proxy
  • DLP
  • PCAP via GUI
  • PCAP triggered by Firewall Policy
  • Parts of FortiView (uses local SQL database)[/ul]
  • WAN optimization for devices that support WAN opt (byte cache)[/ul]
  • Proxy Caching
  • FEC for SD-WAN
  • Future features that may need local storage (like advanced SD-WAN as an example)
  • SSD are Enterprise grade and designed to last more than 5 years of use, unlike Consumer grade[/ul]

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