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108E Upgrade to 6.4 Failed

Upgraded a 108E this morning to v6.4 since it showed as available and now the switch will not come back online. 


It is connected to a 108E that is still running 6.2, so does all switches have to be on 6.4 to work together?


Will my 60E have to be upgraded to v6.4 to work with the 108E's? It's still on 6.2.



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Support chat showed the documentation that states: FortiLink is supported on all FortiSwitch models when running FortiOS 5.4.0 and later and FortiSwitchOS 3.2.1 and later


Looks like I get to make a trip into the site to manually reboot the upgraded 108E grrr


I highly recommend running FortiOS 6.4.6 on FortiSwitches (that support it) if you are going to run FortiGate's on 6.4 code with fortilink and switch management enabled.


I ran into strange behavior with 6.4.3 FortiGates and 6.2.x FortiSwitches. Fortinet has a compatibility matrix that makes life easier on keeping up with it vs reading through all of the release notes.