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Virgin media superhub

Hi we are having issues using fortgate 60d with a virgin business linein the UK. The virgin superhub crashes all the time and reboots. If we remove the fortigate and have traffic flowing straight out the virgin box is fine. We can' t operate without the fortigate as it' s in a school and is doing all the content filtering etc. We have rolled out around 30-35 of these into BT FTTC and ADSL sites without an issue. Anyone had similar issues with this?
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Not familiar with these virgin superhubs, but I gather it is a combination modem/router -- if this device is normally operating in NAT mode, see if you can place it in bridge mode, thus giving the fgt an " outside" public IP address. Getting back to your problem, I would suspect a possible duplex/speed mismatch between the fgt and superhub -- you can check for this on the fgt side by issuing the following statement on the CLI-> " diag hardware deviceinfo nic <interface port>" where <interface port" is the port you have the superhub connected to. On the otherside, if the superhub has an diag page you can access, I would check that as well. You will be looking for any kind of bit or transmission errors. Alternately, if debugging/troubleshooting is very limited you could try forcing the connection speed on the WAN interface of the fgt.

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Dont suppose you ever found the solution to this. Got exactly the same issue. 




I have exactly the same!