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VPN Forticlient 7.01.0083 - Console windows disappear when connected

VPN Forticlient 7.01.0083, after connexion is established, the console windows disappears, and also the taskbar icon. The only way to make it show is to right click on the Forticlient system tray controller in the notification zone and select "Open forticlient console". Tested on 2 windows 10 21H1 PCs.


It wasn't like that in the previous version, anybody else has experienced this ?

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Resolved - After testing, I found that it happens when I upgrade the existing client instead of doing a clean install. Removing the program and reinstalling restores normal behavior.


You may not have needed to reinstall.


The 7.01.0083 update corrupts configurations (this is especially evident when using certificates -- since you lose the ability to select any). I found that deleting the configs and re-entering them is all that's needed. 


Not that this saves much time :)


Obviously some quality assurance testing was missed.