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High CPU Usage - appDemo process

Hi. I recently replaced a FGT 200E (running 5.6.x) with a FGT 201F (6.2.x) where I lightly modified the configuration.

The new firewall (201F running 6.2.7) now shows high cpu usage on one alternating core. 

CLI and diagnose sys top shows

Run Time: 0 days, 12 hours and 39 minutes 3U, 0N, 9S, 88I, 0WA, 0HI, 0SI, 0ST; 7979T, 3990F appDemo 169 S < 99.8 0.8


So in other words the process appDemo uses 99,8% cpu. 


I've tried to identify the appDemo process and the purpose of it without luck. It's not listed here:


Any clues on how to process further here?



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I'm experiencing the exact same problem, on a FGT 200F 6.2.7.

Did you solve your problem? I can't seem to find anything about that process.


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Hi. I'm waiting on Fortinet to create a new firmware. Seems to be a bug. 


Its possible to disable FSSO polling and or change the ports that fsso uses

config system fsso-polling set listening-port <8400>


config user fsso set port <8400>



and then do a reboot on the fortigate fw. 


Might help.

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Thanks for your answer.

So is it somehow related to the FSSO? Does it come from your personal experience or did u get an official answer from Fortinet? Thank you very much.

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Some weeks ago, we have opened a ticket to Fortinet support and we had got the same answer: change the FSSO polling agent port.

The issue seems be related to a driver that they're using in the F series. There should be a fix in the next releases but for now we have to stick with the workaroud.