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Fortinet Trial Virtual Product Limitations

Dear members;

Can anyone pls list the possible limitations if the following Fortinet Products for VM's in Trial Licenses:

  • FortiGate 5.2.x
  • FortiManager / FortiAnalyzer 5.2.x
  • FortiADC (VM and D series) 4.3.x
  • FortiWeb 5.3.x
  • FortiSandbox 2.0.x
  • FortiAuthenticator 3.0.x
  • FortiMail 5.2.x[/ul]

    Moreover, can Fortinet please allow its customers to allow access to atleast trial license downloads like their partners/employees.

    Waiting eagerly for your kind replies.

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    Pls can someone kindly reply to this thread...[&:]



    I'm not 100% sure. But is something like this:


    Fortigate: You cannot create VDOMs, have a throughput limit, have some SSL limitation and has no Subscription signatures for IPS / App Control, AV, Web Filtering and Antispam


    FortiManager / FortiAnalyzer: Limit of log per day or management devices


    FortiADC (VM and D series): I believe that latest version only release the GUI after upload the license. The older versions has no limitation.


    FortiWeb: There's no signature update


    FortiSandbox: Did not download the Windows VM's


    FortiAuthenticator: Limit the number of users in database


    FortiMail: There's no signature (antivirus) and no antispam (cloud)


    You don't need be a partner to access this products. Only need a login.



    Paulo R, NSE8


    Regards, Paulo Raponi


    Just an additional info: you cannot try FortiGate HA with trial version because the trial VM has the same S/N of the other and the Cluster could not form.


    Hi there

    I m trying

    Fortimanager 5.4.2 (FGM)

    Fortigate 5.4.2 (FGT)

    After adding (succesfully) the  FGT to the FGM and try to make changes , supposed changes are apllied to FGT but I got an error to her FGM "Config status Conflict".

    More specific when i try to install policy it goes until 95% and then :

    FGT-LAB-195%2017-07-09 05:05:07:verify state: install OK/verify FAILFGT-LAB-1100%2017-07-09 05:05:07:install and save finished status=FAILED


    Is that a problem of trial limitation ??

    In there any official documentation for trials ??


    If all else fails, use the force !