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Fortigate DHCP Server for Fortiswitch and FortiAP



I've a Fortigate 40F with a Fortiswitch 108E-POE connected via Fortilink and then a FortiAP 231F connected to the Fortiswitch via a POE Port.


I've managed to get everything talking throughout the network with firewall policies, but the Fortigate, the switch and the WAP all have different IP ranges.


Is it possible to have the Fortigate DHCP server be THE DHCP server for all the network? I've spent hours trying different things and DHCP relay pointing to the Fortigate and ensuring that DHCP can flow back and forth through the firewall with no luck and Google only brings back results for very old versions of FortiOS. Currently running 7.0.1 across the network.


If it isn't possible to do, that's fine, but I'd just like to know if it is or isn't and if it is, if someone has a resource they can point me to or share how to have the Fortigate be the one to hand out IPs across the entire network, it'll be so very much appreciated!