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Whenever user imports attachments or indicator module the file field of that module gets deleted after import.

Root Cause:

Issue occurs due to code defect responsible to import module using "Settings --> Configuration Manager".


Steps to Reproduce:

Export attachments module: 

a. Click on settings, on upper right corner

b. Go to “Configuration Manager” under “APPLICATION EDITOR” section

c. check Attachments module under “Export Configuration” tab.

d. Now click on “EXPORT CONFIGURATION” button highlighted in YELLOW. [REF] screenshot below

e. JSON file for the same will be created

Import attachments module: 

  • Repeat steps 'a' and 'b' mentioned above.
  • Select “Import Configuration” tab and drag the JSON file created.  [REF] screenshot below

  • this causes file field to disappear in ATTACHMENT MODULE


We have fixed the issue in our  CyOPs™ 4.12.2 release.

Applicable Versions:

CyOPs™ 4.12.0 and 4.12.1