FortiNAC is a s a zero-trust network access solution that provides users with enhanced visibility into the Internet of Things (IoT) devices on their enterprise networks.
This article describes how to check items that could be causing 'Processes are Down'/'System Processes Down' in an HA situation when the license is correct and both nodes are showing as slave.

Refer to 'Related article' to eliminate the license possibility.

The FortiNAC can give many clues as to what the issue might be:

1) Reboot Primary and Secondary nodes. Boot primary up first and see if it will take the primary role.  If still not recovering primary role, continue.

2) Check /bsc/logs/output.processManager log for indicators. Messages in output.processManager in primary can ask for master to be recovered. If so:
- Run hsRestartCMMaster to recover Primary role. Reboot.
- After reboot, ensure primary takes over 'In Control' role.
- If still getting processes down, continue.

3) Validate if output.processManager is showing all Loaders and Processes up. The CLI command 'jps' will help with this, it should list 6 processes in a good case, 'Yams' being some of these. 

For example:

9362 TomcatAdmin
27928 Jps
32410 Yams
31468 CampusManager
32574 Yams
9439 TomcatPortal

4) Check HTTPD and RADIUSD services from CLI
- Service httpd status.
- Service radiusd status.

5) If either are not started. Start these services with:
- Service HTTPD start.
- Service radiusd start.

6)Login screen should now be showing on the GUI of the Primary/Shared hostname/IP.

This can be used for other HA troubleshooting as well.

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