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Popup notifications and messages sent to the Persistent Agent never appear on the host.  Other functions (such as scanning and viewing those results in NAC) work as expected.

This behavior can occur if there is a communication issue between the Persistent Agent daemon and the Persistent Agent UI (bncsaui) on the host.   

Version:  Persistent Agent 4.x and above

Troubleshooting Steps:

1. Check for a connection between the processes (daemon and bncsaui):
netstat -an | grep 8745

2. Check if the Persistent Agent UI running:
ps -ef | grep CSA

2A. If the Persistent Agent UI is not running, restart the UI to attempt to clear the condition:
launchctl stop com.bradfordnetworks.bncsaui
launchctl start com.bradfordnetworks.bncsaui

2B. If restarting the UI was necessary, check connection between processes again:
netstat -an | grep 8745

3.  Report the results to Support along with the Persistent Agent logs from the end station.  Refer to the related KB articles below for instructions:

Workaround:  Restarting the end station also restores communication between the daemon and bncsaui.

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