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This article describes how to use the Firmware Manager CLI and API.

Scope FortiManager 6.2, 6.4, 7.0, 7.2.

The firmware manager within FortiManager is available for use with the CLI and through an API as well as from the GUI.


To upgrade a FortiGate using Firmware Manager CLI, follow the steps below:


1) Verify the upgrade path:

In the below example, the device is a VM64 running 5.6.14 and upgraded to 6.4.7.


FMG # diag fwmanager show-dev-upgrade-path FGT 6.4.7
platform FGVMK6, upgrade path from 6.0.9-335 to 6.4.7-1911:
[6.0.11-387 --> 6.2.9-1234 --> 6.4.7-1911]
possible path:
[6.0.11-387 --> 6.2.9-1234 --> 6.4.7-1911]
[6.0.11-387 --> 6.2.8-1232 --> 6.4.7-1911]


2) Provided the unit is already registered in the FortiManager, it is possible to schedule the upgrade (in a similar way to the GUI):


# diag fwmanager set-dev-schedule <device name>  <target version>  <flags>  <date in format "YYYY/MM/DD_hh:mm:ss">


The main flags options are as below:

- Null: Default options (all below options disabled)

- bool_alt: Boot from alternate partition after upgrade.

- skip_retrieve: Do not retrieve the configuration.

- skip_multi_steps: Do not use the upgrade path.  

- fortiguard_img: Let the unit download the firmware from FortiGuard.


See the following example:


FMG # diag fwmanager set-dev-schedule FGT  6.4.7 null 2021/12/27_01:00:00

platform FGVMK6, upgrade path from 6.0.14-457 to 6.4.7-1911:

[6.2.10-1263 --> 6.4.7-1911]

possible path:

[6.2.9-1234 --> 6.4.7-1911]

Upgrade to image 6.4.7

Do you want to continue? (y/n)y

set_dev_schedule: task id = 66


3) Once the previous command has been run, the FortiManager creates a task that can be viewed either in the GUI or CLI.


FMG # diag fwmanager get-all-schedule


        device_id:      134

        serial:         FGVM010000011238

        boot_alt:       0

        firmware:       06002000

        release:        6.2.10

        buldnum:        1263

        scheduled time: 2021/12/27_01:00:00

        taskid:         66

        sched_seq:      1640604693

        prev_seq:       0

        status:         accepted


FMG # diag dvm task list root running

ADOM: root

ID Source Description User Status Start Time


66 fwm Image Upgrade admin running Mon Dec 27 12:31:29 2021




Note that in a similar way to the CLI, the Firmware Manager API can be used as follows:



    "session" : "{{session}}",

    "id" : 1,

    "method" : "exec",

    "params" : [{ 

        "data": {  "adom": "root", "create_task": "enable", "device": [{ "name": "FGT" }], "flags": 7, "image": { "release": "6.4.7" }},

        "url": "um/image/upgrade" 


    "verbose" : 1



The flags correspond to the CLI flags:


Null=0, skip_retrieve=1, skip_multi_steps=2, fortiguard_img=4, fortiguard=8, preview=16, force=16.

Multiple flags may be added together to combine the different options. For example, fortiguard + skip_retrieve = 9.



If the upgrade fails, run the below log retrieval process while running the upgrade:


# diagnose fwmanager fwm-log


Alternatively, restart the service:


# diagnose fwmanager service-restart


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