FortiManager supports network operations use cases for centralized management, best practices compliance, and workflow automation to provide better protection against breaches.
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This article describes the process for registering the FortiAnalyzer and FortiManager VM and applying the VM license in order to unlock full functionality.







To set up a FortiAnalyzer or FortiManager VM, licensing the VM is required.

  1. Install the VM: Install the desired VM as required by the VM software. The console in the VM program can be accessed upon installation.
  2. Configure IP Address: Once installed, an IP address and static route need to be set up to access the GUI. In this example, the FortiAnalyzer has the IP going to a router with the IP The selected IP could also be a non-routed one on port 4 for example for security reasons or because using DHCP on FortiAnalyzer, as long as the IP exists on one of the system port interfaces.


config system interface
    edit "port1"
        set ip
        set allowaccess ping https ssh telnet http

config system route
    edit 1
        set device "port1"
        set gateway


  1. Register VM: At, register the license provided by the reseller. After registering, a license file can be created. 
    Enter the private IP assigned to port1 on the FortiGate ( in the example)
    Product Information screen, enter the IP address, and select 'Save'.



  1. Download and Apply License File: Download the file of the support site and add it to the FortiAnalyzer or FortiManager through the GUI.  
  • Log in to the GUI.
  • Select Enter Dashboard -> License information widget -> Upload device License arrow, select the downloaded license file or move it to the drop page, and select 'OK'.




Once the License has been added and the system restarted, the FortiAnalyzer or FortiManager will be fully registered.


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